Artificial Nail Enhancements

Beauty Essentials Studio has chosen OPI and Young Nails as our preferred product line to create your nails.  OPI commits to exceed safety standards while maintaining the highest quality of product.  Since 2006, OPI has reformulated it’s products to eliminate DBP, Toluene and assures formaldehyde has never been an ingredient in their products.

The studio also offers a great selection of retail products for clients to purchase.  Gift Certificates are available for all seasons.

Acrylic Sculptured Finger and Toe Nails


French New Set 90 mins $75.00
Natural New Set 75 mins $70.00
French Fill 75 mins $50.00
Natural Fill 60 mins $45.00
Nail Repairs 15-20 mins no charge within 2-3 week period of nail fill. $7.50 per nail for new clients.
All acrylic nails at Beauty Essentials Studio are customized to your preference.

Different shades of pink, white or clear acrylic are available for you to choose from to attain a bright pink and white french look to a very natural french look or a completely clear acrylic to enhance the nail you already have.

Colored Acrylic Sculptured Finger and Toe Nails

French Color New Set 90 mins $80.00
French Color Fill 75-90 mins $50.00
Extra Color Charge $5.00 per colour

Nail Art

Colored Acrylic Nail Art prices vary depending on detail

Natural Nail Care

Manicure 45-60 mins $45.00
Nail and cuticle care with soak, mini massage and polish
Manly-cure 35-40 mins $35.00
Nail and cuticle care, hand and forearm massage

Gel Polish Nails

Gel Polish Nails 45 mins $40.00
Gel Polish Application with Acrylic Nail Fill 75-90 mins $60.00
Removal with new application of Gel Polish Color $45.00
Gel Polish Removal 20 mins $25.00
Gel Polish Application with new set of acrylic nails 90 mins $85.00

Prices Do Not Include GST


Beauty Essentials Studio strongly enforces a cancellation policy. Clients who miss or cancel their appointment without 24  business hours notice, will be charged for their appointment.

All NSF Cheques will be charged a $45.00 NSF Fee.